Central Park Boathouse wedding by Ryan Brenizer

Everything about Lauren and Doug’s Central Park wedding was gorgeous, including the weather. We specialize in making things work well when everything goes wrong, but it’s sure nice when it doesn’t! They started the day at the 1 Hotel Central Park with close family and friends, giving us the opportunity for a first look on a balcony overlooking midtown.

The ceremony and reception were at the Central Park Boathouse, which is not just beautiful inside but surrounded by some of New York’s most well-known pastoral landmarks. Of course, this can make navigating around hordes of tourists a challenge, but it helps that we have every nook and cranny around there memorized, including paths much less travelled.

Brooklyn Family Day in The Life by Ryan Brenizer

“Meaning” in family photography is vast and incalculable, but there’s an extra layer when working in the home, and an entire new angle to consider with a home birth family. This little girl gets to grow and love and learn in the same place where she has been since the first second of her life, and lucky her for that place to be as filled with joy and deep connections as this home. It was such a pleasure for both of us to come inside and capture this moment in the ever-changing life of a curious, delightful toddler.

The Lake House Berkshire wedding: Christina and Armen by Ryan Brenizer

We apologize if we’re blowing up anyone’s spot, but the Berkshires is pretty fantastic. Gorgeous, peaceful, quaint … and, on Christina and Armen’s wedding day, raining.

Luckily the morning filled with raindrops pattering on the lake gave way to a gorgeous summer day right in time for the first look. We always plan assuming things will go wrong, but sometimes they work out. And so much worked out on this day. A fantastic spot, a fantastic couple, and so much emotion that I feel compelled to not keep you from it with any more words.

Except this: Thank you Christina and Armen! This was such a special day.

Brenizer Families: A Day in the Brooklyn Life by Ryan Brenizer

It was not just a genuine pleasure to document the daily life of this wonderful family, it was absolutely enlightening. She is such a wonderful and bright child, and we took away so much in our own parenting, from better ways to safely get down from the couch to weird and wonderful toys. It is always such a fantastic honor to photograph inside the home, where the little moments that make up the backbone of a family play out.

FEAST at Round Hill wedding: Gina and Pat by Ryan Brenizer

We have had many different sorts of connections and ongoing relationships with our clients, but Gina’s is unique: She is the only person whose wedding we photographed who was also a vendor at our wedding. And appropriately for a venue officially named “FEAST,” she was in charge of our fantastic catering team from CxRA.

We knew Gina was a powerhouse, but we had also been won over by Pat’s easygoing nature and broad smile during their engagement shoot. But the wedding exceeded even our high expectations, from its beauty to the raucous fun of the reception to, yes, the food.

The fantastic Jashim Jalal gave us invaluable assistance at this wedding.