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Prospect Park Boathouse wedding: Noelle and Francis by Ryan Brenizer

We always love doing wedding for photographers. Not only is it an honor to be chosen … since no one has more choice of photographers than another photographer, but we get to instantly start on third base with some of the quick lessons we give about the things we do along the way, and there is another level of appreciation … as well as pressure on us.

Of course, a lot of the photographers whose weddings we photograph are other wedding photographers, but Francis has been amazing for a long time in own field and well, check out some of his exhibitions.

But the real honor was just to be able to be in this intimate Prospect Park Boathouse weddings with their fantastic friends and family from around the globe. A wedding where the groomsmen request a re-creation of an Oasis album cover and where the bride manages a superhuman level of swagger on the dance floor without losing her elegance.

And of course it’s literally across the pond from where Tatiana and I were married, so we have a deep connection and deeper joy with photographing this fantastic couple there.

Prospect Park Boathouse wedding photo by Ryan Brenizer

A9, 85mm @ f/1.4, 1/200th, ISO 2000

A9, 85mm @ f/1.4, 1/200th, ISO 2000

When is a moment more than a moment? When it represents decades into the past and future.

Every time we photograph the little moments that might seem familiar, we keep in mind everything that has led to it. The hug of a father-daughter dance — or many similar moments — is a spark of deep emotion, but also represents all of the time these people imagined it, and all of the time they spent forming their connection.

We are already blown away by the idea that Gavin will be married one day, that we’ll be celebrating his own love story. We are living those moments in different but equally vivid ways as we will when we look back on it later, perusing the photos. Each of these perspectives can infuse so many of the smallest moments of wedding days, one of the many things that keeps them more fresh and exciting for us than ever.