Day in the Life: Brooklyn / by Ryan Brenizer

The reason that we are still passionate about weddings more than 1,000 of them later is we love *celebrating* the shared promise of love between two people. There is an amazing story to tell of the meaningful bonds on display on a wedding day and we hope to continue to tell these stories for decades to come.

We’ve always been interested in how these stories play out - in the full story of the family. We listen closely whenever any long-married couple gives advice, no matter how many times we’ve heard similar bits of wisdom before. We love seeing our couples and the families they make. Even algorithms show us that 90 percent of the Instagram photos we personally pay attention to are photos of our friends, family and our clients with their children and pets celebrating life day-by-day in joyfully mundane ways.

And this is a story we want to tell as well. It’s not a brand, or a business, or an identity, or any SEO buzzword. It’s just a part of us, something we live ourselves each day, especially now that we have our own child.

We want to tell the real stuff of family. Those moments characteristic of the people and time, which can slip from your memory in a changing and too-busy life. What was it like when you lived in that old neighborhood? What was it like to be a new parent? How did it feel?

This is just some of the real story of this family. This is a baby enjoying a characteristic morning, smoothies and cereal and all. This is a baby going to Coney Island not because a photographer was there, but because friends were in town and wanted to go to Coney Island.  This is what it was like to get her ready to sleep for the night.

There is a transcendence in families, what it means to be a parent or a husband or a wife or a son or daughter, and there are waves and waves of particulars, the things that surprise us when we look back and say "wow, *that's* what it was like."

We want to tell that all of this precisely because we realize how valuable it is for ourselves.