Paper Factory Hotel wedding: Amadeo and Noelia by Ryan Brenizer

When a wedding day is rained out, forcing everyone to stay inside all day, there are a couple things you’d like to have. First, a venue as cool-looking as The Paper Factory Hotel in Long Island City. Second, and more importantly, you want a couple as fun and awesome and in love and with smiles as giant as Amadeo and Noelia.

We both knew this wedding would be amazing from the engagement shoot we did with them, but Ryan was shooting another wedding this day, so these photos are Tatiana’s, assisted by Inku Yo, a talented guy who now uses his talents to feed NYC as the owner of the Goji Grill.

This wedding is long overdue for the site, and we are now happy to call Amadeo and Noelia not just amazing clients but also personal friends, We have delighted in their further adventures with their son Adrian (who made an appearance in the wedding as a smaller version than his current rambunctious, bike-riding self.)

Housing Works Cafe wedding: Evan and Nora by Ryan Brenizer

I think it says a lot about Nora and Evan that our first impulse isn’t to tell you about their wedding, but to tell you about them. Because they’re awesome. Funny, smart (congratulations on that dissertation, Dr. Nora!) and brimming with the sort of nice that you still feel after they’ve left the room.

The wedding was pretty great, too. We love everything about Housing Works … from their mission to their donations to photographing a wedding surrounded by amazing books. They took it to the next level by hand-crafting decorations, building time into the schedule to build their own chuppah and adding hundreds of paper cranes they and their friends had painstakingly crafted.

Oh, and they have great taste in neighborhoods. Not only are Nora and Evan sort of our neighbors (geeking out over all the same local haunts we do), Evan and his friends got ready in our studio!

On a gorgeous sunny day Evan and Nora met each other in the Brooklyn Heights promenade. A short jaunt across the bridge brought us to Housing Works and a ceremony officiated by three friends. The reception was catered by Pies ’n' Thighs (as good as they sound) and coordinated by Brittney at BLB Events.

Prospect Park Boathouse wedding: Noelle and Francis by Ryan Brenizer

We always love doing wedding for photographers. Not only is it an honor to be chosen … since no one has more choice of photographers than another photographer, but we get to instantly start on third base with some of the quick lessons we give about the things we do along the way, and there is another level of appreciation … as well as pressure on us.

Of course, a lot of the photographers whose weddings we photograph are other wedding photographers, but Francis has been amazing for a long time in own field and well, check out some of his exhibitions.

But the real honor was just to be able to be in this intimate Prospect Park Boathouse weddings with their fantastic friends and family from around the globe. A wedding where the groomsmen request a re-creation of an Oasis album cover and where the bride manages a superhuman level of swagger on the dance floor without losing her elegance.

And of course it’s literally across the pond from where Tatiana and I were married, so we have a deep connection and deeper joy with photographing this fantastic couple there.