Old Town Dubrovnik wedding Brenizer method by Ryan Brenizer


I deduced long ago that the very easiest part of photography was actually taking the picture — the hard part is getting the good stuff to happen in front of your lens. And so, even though this is a panorama of 200ish images*, that was the easy part. The very, very hard part — as anyone who has been to #Dubrovnik recently can tell you — is getting a photo of two people alone on the streets of Old Town without an extreme amount of Photoshop.

Old Town is not only gorgeous, you see, but about as crowded as Times Square, especially once it became a setting of #gameofthrones 

There is so much more to come soon from this wedding, and you will see how our delight at this story allowed us to create the sort of bond with our clients that got two people who had partied very, very hard excited about the idea of waking up at 1 a.m. to start a photoshoot.

Compared to that, a 1,000-image panorama would be easy. Thank you Lynn and Kristof — so much more to come.

*this is a crop of an even fuller image that would look better large on the wall than on the web