The Book of the Brenizers, written in real time

 We have been having a great time over at Patreon, and what we have landed on is this: We are writing a book there, and in the meantime playing with and reviewing lots of fun photographic toys.

What the book is about? Well, at this point, everything. We want to start to lay out everything we know worth writing about and through the process of teaching and explanation, watch it hopefully begin to take shape into something more specific than “Things Said About Stuff”

If nothing else, we will have a table of contents to find worthy pieces. Many of these will require you to become a Patron, but you totally should anyway. These are just the larger or more useful direct tip articles — we also do frequent image breakdowns, portfolio reviews, and more.

Also, everyone who signs up at the $5 level or more gets access to The Ultimate Guide to the Brenizer Method, which is a nearly-three-hour long video to take you from knowing nothing to knowing everything there is to know about it. On its own this video sells for $10, so a one-month membership is … negative five dollars. Maybe I shouldn’t teach pricing…

Photographing Empathetically, Better

Tools to guide you

Quick tips

Getting Geeky

Case Studies: Real-Life Scenarios

Workflows that work

Post-processing tips

Post processing workflows

Tools of the Trade (Playing with toys)

Equipment reviews

Software reviews

What do we use?