The Roundhouse Beacon Falls wedding: Lee and Chris / by Ryan Brenizer

We try always to go above and beyond the expectations clients have of us, sometimes to the edge of fanaticism. On December 26, 2016, we had the joy of finding out Tatiana was pregnant. Soon, we realized two fundamental truths at the exact same time: One, Tatiana would be 38 weeks pregnant at Lee and Chris's wedding. Two, The Roundhouse is beautiful and in pastoral Beacon, NY … and two hours away from Brooklyn. The first wasn't a problem … again, Tatiana is fanatical and would have done a great job swollen feet and all. But the second? We didn't even want to risk causing a scene at a wedding, particularly one that would also distract me like T going into labor far from home.

So we needed a replacement. And it had so be a great photographer. Or even better … two great photographers, and we would look anywhere for them. So Ryan was joined by Anna Nguyen of Zee Anna Photography from Fort Myers, FL, who we call the bride whisperer because she is so good at posing them and making them feel comfortable, and Ben Chrisman of Chrisman Studios in Charleston, SC. When it comes to Ben? Well if you don't know, now you know.

And I was glad that they were able to join be for a wedding that was filled with energy, humor, and affection. The friendship between Lee and Chris and their wedding party was palpable, as was their sheer enjoyment of the day. And anyone willing to get down on a bar floor before their ceremony is all right in my book (luckily the Roundhouse is very clean).

Lee's favorite moment was the first look. "The quiet moment that Chris and I got to share before the craziness of the day was really special. I was so excited, and Chris was so emotional and it was just perfect." But it was also a wedding defined by their love of family. The wedding was officiated by Lee's brother, and they kept their family's enjoyment at the forefront. "We wanted to make sure that it was a true celebration," Lee said, "We both love to dance! The Hora was sheer chaos, but what I loved was watching all of family join hands, dance, and celebrate our union."

And what a celebration it was…

FloristForever In Bloom
Band45 Riots
HairAmy Sardinsky at Beauty and Beyond Salon
MakeupDana Bosco Beauty
Dress designerLimor Rosen
VideographerSeth David Cohen